Weight Gain

Under weight human boy is considered as unhealthy similar to obese. Under-weight people are at risk of osteoporosis, infections and fertility problems, soon.

In a human body, stored energy in the form of fat will help to perform strenuous job or work out. This plays an important role in brain development and preventing inflammations. Additionally, enough fat contribute to healthy skin and hairs.

Insufficient calories to fuel the body is the main reason for underweight. Malnutrition (inadequate Vitamins and Mineral) is another reason for underweight. Hence, nutrient rich food can help to gain weight safety and effectively.

Calorie enriched food with high protein and multi-vitamin herbs will enhance weight gain. There are herbs known for their high nutrition content that body needs, in case of underweight which may improve internal health and muscle-weight. These are help body to eat more and gain weight.

Ashwagandha – Muscle building, managing stress, relieve fatigue and gives strength
Shatavari – Increase hunger and reduce tension
Vidarikand – Herb with most nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals and micronutrients
Saunf – Increase hunger and reduce tension
Pipali – Improve metabolic rate, induce appetite for more food and calorie intake
Safed musli – Power and immune system