Obesity is medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that if starts giving negative effect on health leading to various health problems as below :

# High Blood Pressure – Body Pain and difficulty with Physical Work
# Heart Disease – Breathing Problems / Asthma
# Diabetes – Cancer
# Depression / Anxiety / Mental Disorder – Gout and Gall Bladder disease
# Osteo-arthritis – Low Quality Life

Solution to lose-weight or To avoid becoming overweight
# Eat more fruits, vegetable, whole grains
# Exercise regularly
# Lower food consumption
# Use vegetable oil than animal based fat

As per general survey, it is observed that 82% of obese people would prefer to use herbal remedies rather than conventional medicines for weight-loss.

Functions of different herbs for Weight-Loss
# To increase metabolism
# To enhance fat burning
# To promote feeling of fullness of stomach
# To get enough digestive enzymes

So, everybody, has to select suitable herbal combination for weight loss according to his obesity status.