Punarnava Extract Capsules (Boerhavia diffusa)


As the name “Punarnava” means “New Life”, it’s use in excellently beneficial for “Renewal and Rejuvenation” of whole body. It is extremely beneficial for “Heart, Kidney and Liver.

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Benefits of Punarnava Extract Capsules :

It is cardioprotective and known as Heart Tonic. It protects the functioning of Heart and because of its antiedemic property it does not allow any further damage.

Further, it has nephro protective which helps in controlling glycosuria (Sugar in Urine), Lipuria (fats in urine) and albuminuria (Protein in Urine). Keeping Kidney in perfect condition, during renal failure.  Punarnava helps in lowering creatinine and urea level in the blood.

In addition, to this it is Hepatoprotective in nature, which regulate and strengthen the liver and prevent its damage. Further, it may cure jaundice, hepatitis, ascites and other liver problems.

Punarnava is one of the best diuretic and helpful for various Urinary Tract Problems. It may reduce infections, inflammation and give relief from pain. It is also helpful for female problems like menorrhagia, heavy menstruation, uterine fibroids and clotting and other uterine problems.

So, naturally, with all above and same other medicinal benefits, Punarnava rejuvenate and strengthen whole body and gives new life to it.

Doses : Take One Capsule twice a day with meals or as directed by the Physician.

Other Names : Punarnava Extract, Punarnava Capsules, Boerhavia diffusa Extract Capsules, Sathi Jadd Powder, pananua, punarnova, Gadahpurna, Gadah bindo, punar-nava, Kirai, Itsit, Ghetuli, talutama, tavilama, ghetoli, ghetula

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