White Mulberry Leaf Tea (Morus-alba) Herbal Tea

Extensively Used for “Weight Loss Management & Diabetes control”

Most of European Population prefer this for Weight loss management.  This is due to based on principle involving “Low calorie-Dense Food” that means” Feeling full appetite with low calories”

In short, comfortable undertake any “Weight Loss Management Programme,” and supplement with “White Mulberry Leaf Tea”.

Other Significant Benefits and Uses :

  • Excellent Superfood and food supplement
  • Powerful Anti-oxidant & keeps healthy Heart.
  • Prevetion of Liver Cancer and Keep it Excellent
  • 1 dnj – Naturally available chemical compound, suppresses blood sugar level
  • Keeps healthy Immune and prevent skin diseases
  • Promotes Healthy Eyes and Good vision
  • Maintain normal muscle and nerve function
  • To build stronger bones
  • Highly loaded with Minerals Iron, Calcium, Patassium, Magnesium and Zink, alongwith Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and C

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