Shivlingi Seed and Putrajivak Seed – 200g (100g each) Shivlingi Beej – Bryonia Laciniosa – Putrajeevak Beej – Putrajivak Seeds


Shivlingi seeds are herbs for female infertility. Shivlingi Seeds are excellent herbs and known as “Uterine Tonic”.  This is being used effectively for female infertility.  It is also known as fertility booster,  it’s use improves the chances of conception in women suffering from Infertility.

It is a novel herb for impotence and oligospermia.  It also normalizes the menstruation cycle.  It also normalizes the menstrunation cycle.  It’s close varies from person to person and case to case and in many cases it is recommended with Putrajeevak Seeds to get success in conception. Shivlingi seed are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, analgesic, spermatogenic and anti-pyretic.


Putrajeevak Seeds are mainly used for female infertility. It strengthens the uterine musculative which leads to pregnancy. This improve reproductive system on uterus and ovaries in women. This strengthens the structure of these organs and improve its functioning. Similarly, it is aphrodisiac and spermatogenic and hence, also beneficial to male impotency and infertility. It increases the sperm count and nos. of healthy sperms.

In short it nourishes the organs of male and female reproductive system.

Shivlingi Seed and Putrajivak Seed

Benefits of Shivlingi Seeds :

Benefits of Putrajivak Seeds :

Herbs Selection : We take utmost care from selection of genuine quality herbs, controlled processing and perfect packaging. We give more weightage to search of best quality genuine herbs in the whole sale herbal markets throughout India.
Herbs Quality : Quality herb plays a very important role in the quality and quantity of chemical ingredients should be necessarily required in that particular herb.
Herbs Processing & Packaging : It is our general practice to clean and get pulverized in the presence of our experienced supervisors. Later as per the stock requirements packaging will be done in a standalone high micron zipper silver pouches duly affixed with suitable multicolour branded product sticker with date of packaging.
Herbs Purity : We do not add any preservative, chemicals, colour, flavours etc. It is kept 100% pure and natural. We try to maintain its inherent chemical ingredients as it is to give maximum benefit needed to cure/treat any disease.
Shipment : Orders will be delivered in 3-7 working days
Storage Direction : Keep it in a cool and dry place. Place away from sunlight and moisture. Store the content/powder/herb in an airtight container after opening the package.

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