Moringa Extract Capsules (Moringa Oliefera)


Moringa leaves are one of the best nutritions source of Protein, Vitamins and minerals. Hence, Moringa tree is considered as “Miracle Tree” and “Tree of Life” since ancient days and during this modern time Moringa Leaf Powder is considered as “SUPER FOOD”.

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Here, are some important benefits which one should know :-

It is very nutritious contains natural Protein. Excellent source of Vitamins A, B2, B6 & C and rich in Iron mineral. This boosts hemoglobin and may treat anemia and sickle cell disease. It is rich in anti-oxidants like quercetin and chlorogenic acid which boost body immunity from many diseases. This is very good for healthier bones. It can lower cholesterol level which is good for Heart Health. Further, it lowers blood-sugar level and good for diabetes. It also prevent weight Gain helpful to weight –conscious people. It also enhance sexual performance. Its use nourishes skin and hairs and improve eye health. Good for healthy Liver and may protect Kidney disorders.

Here are some useful actions by available chemical compounds in Moringa Leaves :-

  • Anti-oxidant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-microbial

  • Anti-hyperglycemic

  • Natural Galactogeque

  • Anti-nephrotoxocity

  • Anti-clastogenic

  • Anti-hepertensive

  • Anti-fibrotic/ulcer

  • Anti-mutaganic

  • Anti-tumor

  • Anti-cancer

Doses : Take One Capsule twice a day with meals or as directed by the Physician.

Other Names : Moringa Leaf Extract, Moringa Capsules, Moringa Extract, Moringa oliefera Extract Capsules, Munaga, Munga ara, Sahijna, Sarinjna, Segra, Shajmah, Shajna, Sanjna, Saijna, Shajna, Soandal, Sujna, Shevga, Shivga, Murungai, Murunkak-kai, Morunga, Tella-Munaga, Mulaga, Sajana

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