Black Musli (Curculigo orchioides) Kali Musli Powder

  • Botanical name of Kali Musli is curculigo or Curculigo orchioides.
  • Kali Musli is known as Taalmuli in ayurvedic.
  • Kali Musli used for treating impotency.
  • Kali Musli also very well known for its aphrodisiac tonic used.  
  • Kali Musli may useful for getting relief from jaundice.
  • Kali Musli has hepatoprotective antioxidant and anti-cancerous potential so it is very good herb for medicinal use.
  • Kali Musli might give good benefits in stress relief.
  • Kali Musli may increase sperm count and cure sperm deformity.
  • Also give food benefits from joint pain.
  • Smoke of kali musli might helpful for asthama cold cough patient.
  • Mixture of kalimusli with safed musli may help in menstrual disorder in woman.
  • May helpful for increasing testosterone level. 
  • For relief from painful urination (dysuria) kali musli is very beneficial.
  • Kali musli shows down gases inside stomach and reduce heat burning.
  • Kali musli may give relief from piles fatigue.

Black Musli for Skin Care 

  • Black musli can use as making ointment.
  • Paste of kali musli is useful for skin problems. Black musli may very useful for skin care as cream of kali musli shows very good properties for reducing redness of skin and provides lasting moisturizing effect.

Kali Musli for Male

  • Black musli may useful for libido less.
  • Kali musli might helpful to manage erectile dysfunction also it boost sperm count.
  • Kali musli enhances testosterone level.

Side Effects

  • People having kapha body type should tabe this herb in low doses as it increase kapha.
  • Kids may face modrate side effect.
  • Breast feeding mummy may face side effect not adviced to pregnant woman.



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