Kaunch Seed Powder (Mucuna Pruriens)

Mucuna Pruriens is the botanical name of kaunch seed, commonly known as magic velvet bean.

Also in   Hindi – kaunch

English – cowhage

Herbal extract of kaunch seed contain l-dopa 

Medicinal Uses

It is anti-inflammatory and analgesic in property it may give good relief from swelling at joint and pain. It manages cholesterol level and gives relief from weakness, also it contains antidepressant effect.

Reproductive health benefits :

It has antidepressant properties so it reduces physiological stress and improves quality of semen also it contain aphrodisiac property it may very helpful for enhancing quality of sperm and also increase quantity of sperm. It shows ethanolic property which may beneficially reduce erective tissue.

It has capable of enhancing texting by growing serum level and sperm quantity so it is beneficial for improving reproductive health in both male and female.



Kaunch for Body Builders :

Kaunch contains l-dopa so it is known for increasing dopamine which is very useful for body builders, so mixture of Kaunch along with Ashwagandha, Shatavari shows good result for increasing overall stamina and strength. It is helpful for increase plasma testosterone. Also improve libido and boosts energy, and (improves stamina as it has guru and vrishnya properties so might helpful for body builders.) herbal extract of this herb has l-dopa so it enhances libido in both male and female due to its dopamine inducing action. I-dopa in kaunch converts into dopamine which helps in energy elevate in body so is helpful for body builders.

It Contains,

Calcium, protine, iron, copper, zinc, magnise, sodium may helpful for female who deals with low hemoglobin level. It is not in potency (ushna)

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