Atibala Leaf Powder (Abutilon indicum) Kangi Powder – Indian Mallow – Atibala Powder – Thuthi Powder – Atibala churna – 100g

Atibala Leaf Powder (Abutilon indicum) Kangi Powder

The medicinal plant known as Atibala Leaf Powder (Abutilon indicum) Kangi Powder, or Abutilon indicum in its scientific name, is indigenous to Asia and India. The Atibala plant’s leaves, seeds, and roots are just a few of the elements that have historically been employed in Ayurvedic medicine for their possible health advantages. The medicinal benefits of atibala powder, which is created from dried atibala plant pieces, are also used. The following are some potential advantages of using atibal powder:
Atibala is thought to contain anti-inflammatory qualities that can help lessen inflammation in the body. It may be used to treat joint pain and arthritis symptoms, as well as other inflammation-related disorders.

Effects on Analgesia: Atibal powder may have analgesic qualities, which means it might lessen pain. It can be ingested or applied topically.